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Water Damage Insurance Claims

If you have water damage to your home or business, call Attorney Property Claims to help you: 954-442-7600

Calling an Attorney, at the beginning of your claims process, will save you time and frustration! An Attorney Property Claims’ job is to help you take the proper steps in an insurance claim.

An Attorney can maximize your settlement offer by 100 percent or more! An attorney can also keep your claim from being DENIED by the insurance company.

Attorney Property Claims will demand the money that you are entitled to! After all, you paid your insurance premiums every month, so get what you deserve. Call Attorney Property Claims today!

Steps to Take If You Have a Water Damage Claim:

  1. Dry up the water and/or dry out your home. Do your best to prevent more damage. (You may need to call a plumber to stop any leaks or a water remediation company)

  2. Take photos of everything, before you touch anything! Don’t begin any major clean-up efforts until the photos have been taken and saved.

  3. Make ONLY temporary repairs to your home to prevent further damage. (Stop all leaks, shut off main water valve, patch broken pipes, don’t use the water, etc.)

  4. Save all broken pipes, broken appliances, water filtration equipment, water lines, etc. or other evidence of the damage that was caused.

  5. Save all of your paid invoices, receipts and make sure you create a log of every phone call associated with your damage claim. Keep all emails and letters.

Big Mistakes That Will Cost You in an Insurance Claim!

Now is the time to call Attorney Property Claims! We can tell you if your claim is worth reporting to your insurance company and how much your claim is worth.

Every insurance claim is different, as every insurance policy is not the same. Here is a list of things NOT to do, so that you don’t make any kind of mistakes on your insurance claim process!

  • Don’t do any repair work that isn’t temporary! Do only emergency repairs.

  • Don’t hire contractors, roofers, etc., or sign any construction contracts until you know how much money you will get from your claim, and get it in writing!

  • Don’t throw away proof of your damage! Don’t remove ceilings, walls, flooring, or throw away damaged personal property. Save copies of broken pipes, carpet squares, flooring tile, wood samples, etc.

  • Don’t give away your only copies of property damage photos!

  • Don’t lose any receipts from the repairs!

  • Don’t sign anything that will cost you money later on!

Water Damage Can Result from Many Different Causes:

Did these happen to you at your home, condominium, or business? They may be covered by your insurance policy! Call Attorney Property Claims now to find out!

  • Busted Cold/Hot Water Pipes

  • Refrigerator or Dishwasher Leaks

  • Broken Water Heaters

  • Garbage Disposal Leaks

  • Clogged A/C Line

  • Overflowing Plumbing or Sewer Line

  • Washing Machine Leaks

  • Roof or Window Leaks

  • Fire Sprinklers

  • Water Damage from Heavy Rains/Tornado/Hurricane

Via: Advocate Claims

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