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My Home Has Just Been Damaged by a Fire. What Now?

Having your home totally or partially crumbled by a catastrophic fire can make you feel hopeless and desperate, as a homeowner. It’s a very terrible feeling we may experience. Maybe we get to be blinded by fear or confusion, not knowing what to do when you have to deal with your insurance representant. These are some things very important to be aware of.

Basic Necessities

In case of you had to leave your home quickly and did not have time for grabbing basic items for the daily living, such as hygienic products and clothes, you will have to contact to your insurance agency. The homeowner’s policy can cover the expense later on. But the recommendation is that, as soon as possible you make sure they allow you an advance on the claim you’re going to make. If so, let them know well where you’re going to staying at and ask your representative to send the check right there.

Don’t Allow to Yourself Any Additional Cost

Your policy insurance will expect you to make sensible strides with regards to keeping your property from further harm. These can include:

  • Prevent against water flooding

  • Block your home so as to avert plundering and vandalism.

  • Normally beware of your property so as to anticipate further harm issues.

Rush and Claim!

Don’t let the time pass away. You will be asked to present proof of the damages through a list you have to provide for them in order to inspect every loss. Being diligent by reaching your insurance agency immediately will avoid additional deferrals with the organization conveying their insurance agent.

Your Insurance Agency Is Required to Proceed in Immediate Manner

The law expresses that an insurance agency must manage your case in an auspicious way. In the event that you imagine that your insurance agency is taking excessively long, make certain to report their postponement recorded as a hard copy to them. On the off chance that you feel that you are as yet having issues with getting a reaction from your insurance agency or you are being dealt with unjustifiably, you can contact a Florida home and property insurance attorney to speak to you.

Likewise, if your insurance claim is rejected, that is also a good time to contact a home and property insurance law firm. An attorney can look over the details of your policy and judge as to whether or not your insurance company is living up to the details that have been set down in your policy. If it’s determined that your insurance company is not holding fast to the subtleties of your policy, then an attorney can represent you in court.

Speak Right Away to an Experienced Property Attorney

Our attorneys understand that when a policyholder who has paid insurance submits a claim to their insurance company, they expect the company will act in good faith and honor the validity of the claim. However, many times the insurance company does not do what is right and honor the claim.

Likewise, if your insurance agency delays or undervalues your claim, our law firm will honestly assess your claim and ensure that you will be treated fairly when submitting an insurance claim.

Contact our office for a free consultation at (954)-442-7600.

Via: Solution Law Firm October 11, 2017

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