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Officials arrested a woman for scamming hurricane victims

An Orange City lady captured in January for defrauding Hurricane Irma victims was captured a second time on Monday in Brevard County and blamed for carrying out a similar wrongdoing, state authorities said.

The Office of Chief Financial Officer Jimmy Patronis issued a discharge expressing that Mary Bruce, 50, was again captured, blamed for unlicensed practice with regards to open altering and grand theft related to Hurricane Irma.

Bruce endeavored to take more than $68,000 in deceitful cases.

As per data from Patronis' office, agents found that Bruce moved toward homeowners whose homes continued rooftop and inside harms from the tempest. Bruce at that point told the homeowners that she was an "independent claims adjuster" who could arrange settlements with insurance agencies. Bruce required the property holders to pay $3,500 and to sign a Power of Attorney. Later on, she submitted fake cost estimates for roofing work to the insurance agency.

In January, following Hurricane Irma on Sept. 17, Bruce moved toward material organizations and home holders in Central Florida and erroneously distinguished herself as a "claims supervisor." Bruce told property holders she could increment earlier hurricane protection guarantee settlements up to $30,000, however would expect homeowners to sign a Power of Attorney record so as to do as such, state agents said.

Bruce would present a balanced case to the insurance agency, multiplying the first cost evaluations submitted beforehand. On the off chance that the insurance agency wouldn't pay the expanded balanced sum, Bruce would then place a lien on the home holder's property, officials said.

Via: News Journal February 18, 2019

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